Why Did Mia Khalifa And Her Husband Break Up?

MIA Khalifa is a Lebanese-American media personality, webcam model and former pornographic film actor.

On July 21, 2021, she announced her relationship with her husband.

Mia Khalifa and Robert SandbergCredit: Instagram

Why did Mia Khalifa and her husband break up?

Mia Khalifa called her wedding celebration to Robert Sandberg despite the couple trying to “do their best”.

The former porn star had previously postponed her wedding to June 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, but has now canceled the reception for good reason.

According to Republic World, Khalifa and Sandberg were legally married at home last year and just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.

However, they were slated to host a belated party for friends and family in the near future, which has been cancelled.

Khalifa announced the couple’s split in an Instagram post accompanied by a black and white photo of the couple’s silhouette.

“We can confidently say that we gave our all to make our marriage a success, but after almost a year of treatment and efforts, we are slowly drifting apart knowing that we have a friend. and we really tried,” she wrote.

“We will always love and respect each other because we know that it was not a single incident that caused our division, but the culmination of fundamental, unresolvable differences. which no one can blame the other.”

She went on to admit that the couple have “no regrets” and that they will continue to connect through “our family, friends and love for our dogs”.

Khalifa called the breakup “long overdue” but reiterated that the couple “could leave and say we did our best.”

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Has Mia Khalifa been married before?

The former pornhub icon was married during her adulthood for three years from 2011 to 2014.

It is reported that she got married shortly after graduating from high school at the start of her pornography career, but her ex-husband’s name has yet to be determined.

She then became engaged to Sandberg in March 2019, but he first appeared on her Instagram in August 2018.

Khalifa quit porn in 2015


Khalifa quit porn in 2015Credit: Instagram @miakhalifa

Sandberg, 28, is a chef from Sweden who lives in LA with Khalifa and their dog, Bella.

It is unclear whether he will stay in the states or return to his homeland.

What is her net worth?

It is estimated that Khalifa is worth about $4 million.

While working in the porn industry for those three months, she said she only made $12,000, making about $1,000 for a scene.

Khalifa became a celebrity overnight while filming a three-person scene while wearing a headscarf despite being raised Catholic.

She has been widely criticized for participating in such a video and receiving death threats across the Middle East, including the Islamic State.

Khalifa quit the industry soon after and moved to Miami, where she worked as a legal officer and accountant.

Who is Mia Khalifa currently dating?

Over the summer, Mia Khalifa sparked dating rumors with Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez, after the two were seen together in a video leaked to YouTube.

In the leaked video, Khalifa is lying on Cortez as he tries to teach her the lyrics of his song, Christian Dior.

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On October 29, 2021, Jhay Cortez gave a concert at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico.

During the show, Mia Khalifa surprised fans when walking on stage with the male singer and sharing a passionate kiss with him.

They once re-posted a video of them kissing on their Instagram stories.

The two have yet to confirm whether they are together or not.

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